Alimah Course In Madrasah Tarbiyatul Banaat

For strong-willed parents and daughters who are eager to face the challenges in the life of an Islamic scholar and make an impactful change for yourself and for the world.



Alhamdulillah. Sungguh yang berhak mendapat pujian adalah Allah Robbul Jalil. Kami merasa amat bersyukur atas kurnia Allah kepada anak kami di bulan yang penuh barokah. In syaa Allah, dengan keikhlasan para Apa di MTBM, dan doa para sahabat dan ibu bapa, mudah2han Allah anugrahi taufiq dan hidayah Nya, pilih anak kami untuk istiqamah dengan adab2 ilmu dan beramal dengannya sepanjang usia. Kami amat2 merhagai segala ingatan baik dan doa tuan puan atas apa yang telah dicapai. In syaa Allah anak2 kesayangan tuan puan akan turut menempa kejayaan gemilang sedikit waktu lagi.
Shifa’s Father


Assalamualaikum Pn Aishah dan appas … setinggi kesyukuran dan terima kasih tidak terhingga di atas pertemuan di Zoom, sungguh teruja berada di dalam sesi tersebut. Moga usaha murni kumpulan pengurusan MTBM ini akan sentiasa mendapat rahmat dan perlindungan Allah SWT, dalam membina seorang demi seorang Alimah yang berakhlak mulia. Ameen. Ameen.
Datin Azlin

Do you ever worry?

Do you ever worry on your teenage daughter being affected by social influences and you don’t know which will give her the correct islamic influences?

You’re a parent, a mom or dad. All parents worry of our precious daughters.

Some of us worry for their iman and islam.
“Does my daughter know enough about her Islam,halal and haram and most importantly about her Allah Ta’ala?”
“Can she look after her ibadah on her own or is her ibadah enough?”

Some worry for their character.
“Will my daughter be a good human being or the opposite?”
“Will she be modest or the opposite?”

Some of us parents worry for their daughter’s future.
“Will my daughter have a good job and good future”
“I want my daughter to be independant, stable and happy”

Most of us all worry on all!
We worry about their life in this dunia and their life in the aakhirah.

Well, the good thing is, what if we tell you that we are able to put you out of your misery and return you your sleepless nights while giving you the security of knowing that your children’s future is well taken care of?

What if we can tell you that your children get to be the hero that saves the faith of many others that are at stake?

Testimonial of Binti Abdul Wahab

I have experienced a lot of things. The tarbiyah of the madrasah had changed my life
from various aspects. Eventhough I was home and not under the supervision of my
asaatizahs, I was able to practise what had been taught to me. My asaatizahs really
emphasized the importance of akhlaaq and adaab (etiquettes) as I believe that adaab
rises above ilm (knowledge).
3rd Year, 2020.

What We Believe

We believe that in Islam we find perfection.

We also believe that to achieve that perfection, every person should be given the
taste of falling perfectly and deeply in love with Islam and to do that they need to
know all about Islam. For that, we believe that every household needs either a
daughter or a future wife or a future mother or a sister who will bring noor into their
houses. Most of all, we believe in the importance of continuing the work of our
Beloved Prophet SAW until there is no more corruption and there is only the
religion of Allah Taala.

Our Message For You


We do not teach rather we educate people and add value to a muslim’s life as well
as secure their aakhirah with authentic knowledge based on Quran and Sunnah.



We nurture our students in amal, akhlaq with love and kindness strictly following
the lifestyle of Rasulullah SAW and Sahabah RA. We regard them just like our own.



After fulfilling the importance of aakhirah in the students, we pave their way
towards achieving their worldly goals.


From The Heart Of Our Own

I’d be transparent, I was also among those who gets caught up by following the
trend and let my modesty be at stake.

But Alhamdulillah through the hidayat of Allah, my parents suggested me to go
and study in a madrasah and that was my turning point where I started to dress
modestly. I recognize the true value of women, all the questions and doubt that
I’ve had regarding Islam were answered and the best part is that I fell more in
love with my creator Allah and my Rasool.

Many of us think that when we dress modestly our activity will be restricted. And I
dare to say that’s all wrong because I’m the type who enjoy extreme sports and
until today I find no difficulties to dress modestly while doing sports.

We suggest that you read on whats about to come
To help answer the questions you may have

“Whomsoever Allah intends with goodness, Allah will grant them the understanding of deen.”

From the hadith above it is so obvious that all the students that have been chosen to learn in madrasah are the special ones in the sight of Allah. Not only the students will be elevated in the sight of Allah, they will also be elevated in the sight of human beings. How? Because in this Madrasah, we educate the students to become an educationist and a role model for the ummah. Most importantly, we instill the love of Allah and the sunnah way of living led by Nabi SAW. Because true success can only be attain by following the steps of our prophet Muhammad SAW.

Yes, your daughter is allowed to further her studies and based on what she has learned in madrasah, the knowledge that she has acquired is equivalent to the knowledge that has been taught in university (degree). Definitely there will be no problem at all if she wants to further her studies

Your daughter will be studying a course that covers every corners of Deen which is considered high end at most institutes. She’ll also be studying secular subjects under Cambridge certified teachers and her certification will be equivalent to degree. In our opinion, that does not make her low, that just makes her stand out from the ordinary community.

The knowledge and nurturing that she receive will teach her how to fit into every walks of life and enjoy everything that the world has to offer while obeying the commands of Allah Taala and Rasulullah SAW at the same time.

In madrasah the students are not only going to read the Quran and hadith kitab in fact they will learn much deeper regarding the Quran. For example they will learn detailed translation and explanation of each ayaat of the Quran. Did you know that there are 6236 ayat in the Quran? And it will take a whole year of classes and extra classes to complete Mishkat Al Masabih as there are 6300 ahadeeth in that whole kitaab. There are a lot of other subjects that the student will learn in different classes too. Therefore to be able to complete learning all of these in 6 years itself is a miracle.

Testimonial from Encik Munir

Our daughter decided to pursue the ‘alimah program back in early 2019 after rejecting a
scholarship offer from a well-known university. It was not an easy decision but without
doubt, it was the best decision she made.

As parents, no words can completely describe our gratitude observing our only daughter
adopting positive changes while pursuing her newly revived goals. We noticed her
challenges, efforts and perserverance which later transpired into her spirituality, patience
abd attitude towards life.

While this is just the beginning of our daughter’s journey, we believe in the importance of
being at the right place with right environment. And we believe our daughter has found that
place in MTBM.

Her journey could have been in different direction 2 years ago. Well… so did ours… and
our other daughter.




Wants their daughter to be maturely knowledgeable of the world and especially of the aakhirah.


Wants their daughters to be remarkably nurtured and good mannered.


Wants their daughters to have love, obedience and respect for her Allah Taala, Rasulullah SAW and her religion.


Wants their daughters to be one in a million.


Wants their daughters to be fully concsious and responsible of their own a’maal.


Wants their daughters to have deep understanding of the Quran and become a muhadditheen.



Takes Islamic education lightly


Doesn’t have concern of their aakhirah.


Whose focus is not on the akhlaaq and Islamic nurturement.


Who cannot be far from their children.


Who doesn’t share the same vision as us



Dear Parents…

You know of our values, our aim, who we are and our mission for your daughters. For you and your daughter to go from where you are to where you wanna go, we’d love that it be us, cause we don’t know about how others will nurture your daughter with much care as we have for our daughters, we provide them with the best of education which is the Quran and the Hadith.

Because a year from now, you may wish you have started today.
We only have 20 empty seats left!

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